Best Action Cam for Stand up Paddle Boarding

When I started this site, I was looking for a good action camera to film my exploits.

Being on the water it definitely had to be waterproof and I wanted good quality video. I quickly found out that action cameras are not as expensive as I had feared. After weighing cost and comparing specs, I chose the Vivitar DVR786 HD.

Why the Vivitar

As with most purchases, I start with the price. My Vivitar 786 cost me less than $50 and the GoPro Hero7 I was comparing it to was over $300. That’s a big price difference so I dug deeper.

I know price alone doesn’t make something better. I looked at the features for the Vivitar and found:

  • It is waterproof
  • It has a zoom of 4x
  • It films in 1080p HD
  • It comes with a remote
  • It also comes with mounting accessories

For me, this sealed the deal. The camera was less than $50 and had all the features I needed.

One downside that I wish I had known about was the sound quality. It is very poor. In my case that was on my WANT list, but not on my NEED list. If you need good audio with your action cam you might want to try something else.

Want More Bells and Whistles?

So, the basic model isn’t for you? Well, while I was searching I did find my dream camera, and will probably be the next I purchase, but for starting out My Vivitar is working just fine.

The GoPro Hero7

In addition to the features found on the Vivitar, The GoPro Hero 7 4k has these additional features:

  • Good Audio
  • Camera Stabilization ( looks like very smooth video)
  • Ability to take time-lapse videos
  • You can control the camera with your smart phone

At the time I’m writing this, the GoPro is a very reasonable price for a camera with all these features and I plan to get one when my needs change.

Those are my recommendations for an action camera. The one I started with and own now, and the one I will upgrade to eventually.